Classbuilding and teambuilding activities take place in all of our classrooms, building the class into a caring community while strengthening the teams in which students work.  

Working with other students prepares Discovery Academy students for the “real world” while focusing on the LIFESKILLS of cooperation, caring, patience, friendship, and flexibility.

Classroom activities center around a strong curriculum focus partnered with Kagan structures.  This provides worthwhile learning activities for all students.  We also use five LIFELONG GUIDELINES of Truthfulness, Trustworthiness, Active Listening, No Put Downs, and Personal Best to maintain a healthy and thriving environment at Discovery Academy.

Teams of students work together in a variety of situations, from brainstorming ideas, clarifying directions, reviewing homework, or
checking for understanding of key lesson concepts.  Team Projects range from centering around team identities to focusing on key curriculum ideas.  Within teams, students often work with partners to increase participation.

Kagan Connection

Kagan Cooperative Learning helps Discovery Academy students work together in teams to meet goals.  Learn more about how we use Kagan at Discovery Academy of Lake Alfred.

Kagan & The Classroom

Teachers using cooperative teamwork skills.

Laurie Kagan, hands-on teaching with our students.

Students using Kagan skills in the classroom.

Students & Their Favorites

Round Table

...because the whole team is involved in the same idea!

Yurell, Navigator Team


…because I like to hear other students’ opinions about certain things!

Adrienne, Pathfinder Team

Inside/Outside Circle

...because I like communicating with others!

Erica, Explorer Team

Find the Fiction

…because I like fooling my classmates and it’s fun!

April, Challenger Team