Hiring Policy

Discovery Academy of Lake Alfred Personnel Hiring Policy: Criminal Records Including Guilty Pleas, No Contest Pleas, Pre-Trial Intervention or Results Other than Winning the Case

Will NOT Hire

- Extreme Violence (aggravated assault/aggravated battery, murder, attempted murder)

- Sexual Offense (L&L  sexual battery)

- Kidnap

- Pornography

- Robbery

- Extortion

- Manslaughter (including vehicular homicide)

- Indecent Exposure if Sexual in Nature

- Sale of Drugs

Will NOT Hire

- If offense is less than 10 years old. (Will consider and carefully review if over 10 years old.)

- Felony Drug Use

- Grand Theft

- Burglary related to theft

- Felony Possession of Concealed Weapon

- Felony Battery/Assault (on law enforcement officer or teacher, etc.)

- Forgery

- Solicitation of Prostitution

- Prostitution

Will NOT Hire

- If offense is less than 5 years old. (Will consider and carefully review if older than 5 years.)

  1. -Misdemeanor Drug and/or Paraphernalia

  2. -Possession of Concealed Weapon  Misdemeanor

- Battery/Assault

- Resisting Arrest with Violence

- Domestic Violence (Felony)


- Case by Case Review

- DUI  one incident only (more than one must show proof of rehabilitation)

- Sale of alcohol to minor

- Other criminal traffic offenses

- Other crimes

- Worthless checks

- Disorderly Conduct

- Multiple Arrests

- Petty Theft

- Domestic Violence (Misdemeanor)